Those who are fortunate to be familiar with Jazz Rodriguez, owner and operator of the Haute Galleria, will tell you unhesitatingly that the primary reason this remarkable businesswoman has succeeded so sweepingly is because she has always been a multifaceted leader with a nimble mind and extraordinary clarity of vision. What sets her apart from other niche furniture store owners is a flexible price point and moreover an unblemished track record of providing customized hands-on direct service with her clientele.

"The most important thing for us is the customer. It's nice for clients to deal directly with the face of the company. Our clients are very specific and want me involved 99% of the time, which I am. We've built a large base of local clients that live here year round. They come looking for an accessory and go home with a sofa," she says with her omnipresent smile, adding "It's not unusual for one of my regular customers to come in and ask if they can take a chair home, to see if they love it, and they always end up buying it. We want each space to have its own identity and offer designs that reflect the owner’s personality. That can only be accomplished through trust. If you are looking for a gift or just want to find out more about our store, we will be happy to be of assistance."

Not long after the inception of Haute Galleria in February of 2014, Rodriguez sought to bring panache and a vitality to what had waned into an uninspired cookie cutter interior design conundrum consuming much of Los Cabos at the time. Rodriguez explains "When I started working in Cabo the first 100 houses I visited were the same. It was the traditional Hacienda style decor. They nearly all had the same dining room table, the same sofa. It's like going to a wedding and everyone is wearing the same dress. We wanted each space to have its own identity and offer designs that reflect the owner’s personality. From a casita to the largest houses it's inspiring to transform someone's living space into their unique dream home."

The solution embodied the concept of Haute Galleria. The boutique focused on creating 100 percent custom designed furniture made by local artisans in Mexico. The style is unique using materials such as mirrors, acrylics, fine fabrics, wood and metal finishes, gold leaf and silver. Rodriguez is a discerning art collector, who amassed a carefully curated collection. The exquisite collection includes paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, breathing much needed fresh air into the musty market.

"People wanted more originality, creativity and style. We provided an appealing option for all of our clients who were ready for something new and special. It's like having the chef come to your table while you're having dinner." Rodriguez said.


When the world was turned upside down over the pandemic, the steadfast Rodriguez confronted the COVID-19 crisis by adjusting and adapting. Even for the enterprising business woman, it was a singularly challenging time trying to sustain the excellence of her operation. And yet, without minimizing what she was up against during a worldwide pandemic, she dealt with this dilemma productively and turned it in some ways to her advantage. “The first thing that we had to do is figure out how we are going to stay in business? How are we going to survive? Where do we put our resources? And what are our opportunities on the back end?" She elaborates. “ We have a big opportunity with how we are positioned in the industry. When we came out of the lockdown, we realized that we would be working with a lot more rental properties. And it was also interesting because a lot of people who had rental properties before the Pandemic decided to move down here on a permanent basis. So they wanted to transform the rental property in Pedregal to a permanent home. I had to go deeper with these clients to see what type of space they were looking for the next 20 years or so. They worked their whole life for this so they have to trust me and I can't fail. It's a very sentimental business." Adaptability and accountability are the cornerstones of which the Haute Galleria team, a family affair, was built. Jazz Rodriguez quarterbacks the operation while her sister Gisel Rodriguez, who has an international reputation in the field of interior design, plays an integral role behind the scenes conceptualizing personalized design that is completely inspired by clients and their requirements. This synergy yields handsome dividends.

"We complement each other and make an extraordinary team. Part of what makes us unique is that we all know our role perfectly and by joining ideas we create original elements. It is fascinating to sit with Gisel and in a matter of seconds get a sketch of the furniture you had in mind." Rodriguez proudly proclaims.

Rodriguez is immersed in the future of the galleria, recently expanding the Haute Galleria catalogue with the addition of an outdoor furniture showroom. Forming an alliance with Andreu World, the preeminent international design furniture manufacturer from Valencia, Spain. The collaboration with this world wide titan in the trade is an unparalleled move in the local industry, providing a cache for Haute Galleria that is unprecedented.

"Our clients can come here to see and feel the furniture and they can customize everything. Andreu World has the capacity to do major levels of furniture and can make 500 sofas the same way. We also plan to have plenty of furniture in stock. This is exciting, different and new for the Cabo area. It gives us the ability to expand our furniture offerings." Rodriguez confirms.

She is undoubtedly correct in that conjecture. But while she is immersed in the expansion of the galleria, she keeps her customers' needs uppermost in her mind and is well aware and excited by the challenge of expanding her business by the recent collaboration with Andreu World, which is both immensely satisfying and equally time consuming. "As I said before, the most important thing for Haute Galleria has and will always be our customers. Adding the showroom and partnering with Andreu World allows us to service our clients on a whole new level." Rodriguez says. She is spot on, as the showroom is literally one level up from the galleria's new home at Plaza Meridiano 111 located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas.

Jazz Rodiguez has found that wearing several hats is a role that suits her well. It's rare to find so much vitality, creativity and reliability in one person. Not only does the galleria work with several high end resorts and hotels, they furnish yachts and provide window displays for holidays and other special occasions.

The real question is what service doesn't Haute Galleria provide?

She laughs and asserts "We don't repair furniture and we don't have a storage service. If it gets shipped here in October it will be delivered to you in October."

As if on cue, while walking out the door of the galleria the I hear the unmistakable Jazzy intro to the iconic Frank Sinatra hit single "The Best Is Yet To Come" a rather fitting note for the Haute Galleria.

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